Termux the allrounder

Today’s topic will be one of my favourite android apps, Termux.

Termux is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment application that works directly with no rooting or setup required. A minimal base system is installed automatically, additional packages are also available. The difference to other terminal emulators is its own package repository with huge set of various utilities.

Termux also offers different shells, like:

  • BASH
  • FISH
  • IPython
  • TCSH
  • Zonsh
  • ZSH

The default shell is BASH.

Difference between Termux and other Linux systems

The biggest difference is that Termux does not follow Filesystem Hirarchy Standart. This means you won’t find directories like /bin, /etc, /usr, /tmp and others at usual location.


The basics

Let’s get started. First of all lets run:


So we can access the phones internal storage. It is useful because you can move data from a to b if you need it.

Next thing are buttons. You miss the esc, ctrl, tab buttons, no problem. Press and hold the volume down button and press “q”. The buttons have just appeared, right.

Want to edit files? Then lets go download an editor, for example the beginner friendly nano. You can download packages by running:

pkg install PackageName or search with pkg search

an alternative way of installing them is using APT the well-known package manager from other Linux systems:

apt install PackageName

So we run:

pkg install nano


apt install nano

Now let’s edit some documents. Now run

nano documentname

A tip, you can navigate in the document by pressing the volume up button and w, a, s, d. Just like on a computer.

Source of the image and the infomartion Termux Wiki